Confessions of an Unredeemed Bibliophile

bookvend“There’s more to life than books, you know, but not much more.”

–The Smiths, “Handsome Devil”

“Since so much modern science fiction is complete crap, and since I’ve spent most of the past six years reading academic non-fiction (resulting in a basic cluelessness regarding current fiction), I find Mac Tonnies’ extensive reading lists and book reviews very helpful with steering me away from the many stinkers so readily available to people who really don’t know any better.”

Busy, Busy, Busy



Cyberpunk/Slipstream Strange, illuminating books that defy easy classification.

Science Fiction Far-reaching examples of the genre.

Utopian/Dystopian Essential sociological forecasts.


William S. Burroughs A representative selection of Burroughs’ best novels and stories.


Philip K. Dick Quite possibly the 20th century’s best author.

J.G. Ballard Sleek and uncompromising, J.G. Ballard is one of the most important writers alive.

William Gibson Gibson is probably the only living writer who can claim to have started a sub-genre.

John Shirley‘s skewed look at our future–and our present–exemplifies contemporary noir at its finest.

Rudy Rucker One of the science fiction genre’s best and funniest minds.


Jack Womack An inimitable and terrifying futuristic satirist.

Bruce Sterling Alongside William Gibson, Sterling is arguably science fiction’s most relevant asset.

Ken MacLeod‘s canon is among the most fiercely original in recent science fiction. Inimitable.


Mars Mars and its inhabitants–or lack thereof–remain staple themes of contemporary science fiction. Assembled here are some radically different interpretations of the Red Planet.



UFOs Thoughtful perspectives on an urgent and exciting phenomenon.


Science/Technology Biotechnology, space exploration, organic computers, sentient machines, etc.

Mars/Cydonia Extraterrestrial archaeology and its implications.


Carl Sagan Astronomer Carl Sagan’s books are timely and enthralling; his narrative skill captures the process and passion of scientific discovery.

Social Criticism and Cultural Commentary Penetrating examinations of the world/s we inhabit.


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