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trappedRecommended Reading

by Mac Tonnies

The following are books devoted to unusual/uncommon topics. I offer them as recommendations for anyone curious about extraterrestrial life, space colonization, quantum theory, life extension, UFOs, human origins, artificial intelligence, etc.

Note that some of these titles are quite “mainstream,” while others are decidedly “oddball.” I’ve found that healthy doses of both camps help in breaking out of existing “reality tunnels.” In other words: challenge yourself. Hold everything you “know” in question. We only think we know it all.

Each list is in no particular order and subject to expansion.

Paranormal (general):

Cosmic Trigger (Wilson)

The Invisible College (Vallee)

The Global Brain (Russell)

The Holographic Universe (Talbot)

The Eighth Tower (Keel)

Alien Indentities (Thompson)

Alien Impact (Craft)

Flying Saucers (Jung)

Passport to Magonia (Vallee)

Earthmind (Devereux, Steele, Kubrin)

People of the Web (Little)

The Omega Project (Ring)

Nothing in This Book is True… (Frissell)

Journeys Out of the Body (Monroe)

The Montauk Files (Wells)

Remote Viewing Secrets (McMoneagle)

The Key (Strieber)

The Mothman Prophecies (Keel)

The Path (Strieber)

Time Storms (Randles)

Politics of the Imagination (Bennett)

The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings (Keel)

Alien Dawn (Wilson)

Crop Circles: Signs of Contact (Andrews, Spignesi)

Experiencing the Next World Now (Grosso)

The Otherness (Watts)

Alien Encounters/abductions:

Missing Time (Hopkins)

The Interrupted Journey (Fuller)

Communion (Strieber)

Intruders (Hopkins)

Abduction (Mack)

Secret Life (Jacobs)

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (Bryan)

Dimensions (Vallee)

UFOs: Psychic Close Encounters (Budden)

Fire in the Sky (Walton)

Passport to the Cosmos (Mack)

Transformation (Strieber)

Breakthrough (Strieber)

The Secret School (Strieber)

Reaching for Reality (Clear)

Confrontations (Vallee)

An Alien Harvest (Howe)

The Threat (Jacobs)

Report on Communion (Conroy)

The Allagash Abductions (Fowler)

Casebook: Alien Implants (Leir)

The Abduction Enigma (Randle, Estes, Cone)

The God Hypothesis (Lewels)

Voyagers (Deane)

The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials (Huyghe)

Without Consent (Nagaitis, Mantle)

Alien Odyssey (Meloney)

The Ultimate Alien Agenda (Walden)

The Communion Letters (Strieber/s, eds.)

Sight Unseen (Hopkins, Rainey)

Alien Contacts and Abductions (Randles)

The Grays (fiction) (Strieber)

Connections (Collings, Jamerson)

Alien Abductions: Creating a Modern Phenomenon (Matheson)

Extraterrestrial Visitations (Dennett)

Alien Meetings (Steiger)

UFOs (general):

Above Top Secret (Good)

Flying Saucers–Serious Business (Edwards)

The Utah UFO Display (Salisbury)

Uninvited Visitors (Sanderson)

Aliens From Space (Keyhoe)

The Edge of Reality (Hynek, Vallee)

Alien Base (Good)

Confirmation (Strieber)

Night Siege (Hynek, Imbrogno, Pratt)

Alien Contact (Good)

Looking for the Aliens (Randles, Hough)

The Fire Came By (Baxter, Atkins)

Extra-terrestrials Among Us (Andrews)

UFO Retrievals (Randles)

UFOs and the Alien Presence (Lindemann, ed.)

Revelations (Vallee)

Invisible Residents (Sanderson)

Anatomy of a Phenomenon (Vallee)

Forbidden Science (Vallee)

UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union (Vallee)

The Randle Report (Randle)

The UFO Conspiracy (Randles)

At the Threshold (Emmons)

Visitors from Time (Davenport)

Situation Red (Stringfield)

Spaceships of the Pleiades (Korff)

Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles (Darlington)

Conspiracy of Silence (Randle)

Scientific Ufology (Randle)

Dark Object (Ledger, Styles)

The Field Guide to UFOs (Stacy, Huyghe)

Alien Agenda (Marrs)

The Flying Saucer Vision (Michell)

Cosmic Voyage (Brown)

Cosmic Explorers (Brown)

UFO Headquarters (Wright)

Looking for Orthon (Bennett)

Invasion Washington (Randle)

Unearthly Disclosure (Good)

UFOs and the National Security State (Dolan)

The Truth Behind Men In Black (Randles)

Contact of the Fifth Kind (Imbrogno, Horrigan)

The Science of UFOs (Alschuler)

Open Skies, Closed Minds (Pope)

Above Black (Sherman)

Saucers of the Illuminati (Keith)

Project Beta (Bishop)

Cracks in the Great Wall (Upton)


UFO Crash at Roswell (Randle, Schmitt)

The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell (Randle, Schmitt)

Crash at Corona (Friedman, Berliner)


Beyond Roswell (Mantle, Hesemann)

The Real Roswell Crashed-Saucer Coverup (Klass)

The Roswell Incident (Berlitz, Moore)

The Roswell UFO Crash (Korff)

The Day After Roswell (Corso, Birnes)

UFO Crash at Roswell (Saler, Zeigler, Moore)

The Majestic Documents (Wood and Wood, eds.)

The Roswell Encyclopedia (Randle)

Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe (Pflock)

Case MJ-12 (Randle)

Roswell Revisited (Randle)

Majestic (fiction) (Strieber)

Operation Roswell (fiction) (Randle)


A Brief History of Time (Hawking)

The Theory of Everything (Hawking)

The Universe Next Door (Chown)

The Cosmic Connection (Sagan)

Pale Blue Dot (Sagan)

The Whole Shebang (Ferris)

Probability 1 (Aczel)

The Case for Mars (Zubrin, Wagner)

Extraterrestrials: Science and Alien Intelligence (Regis, ed.)

The Fabric of Reality (Deutsch)

The Last Three Minutes (Davies)

Are We Alone? (Davies)

Diseases from Space (Hoyle, Wickramasinghe)

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Sagan, Druyan)

Welcome to Moonbase (Bova)

The Symbiotic Universe (Greenstein)

The Mismeasure of Man (Gould)

First Contact (Bova, Preiss, eds.)

Minds, Brains and Science (Searle)

Billions and Billions (Sagan)

The Demon-Haunted World (Sagan)

Apocalypse Pretty Soon (Heard)

The Fourth Dimension (Rucker)

The Language Instinct (Pinker)

The Edge of Infinity (Davies)

Embryogenesis (Grossinger)

Borderlands of Science (Sheffield)

The Dancing Wu Li Masters (Zukav)

Equations of Eternity (Darling)

Why People Believe Weird Things (Shermer)

Strange Creations (Kossy)

The Coming Global Superstorm (Bell, Strieber)

The Galactic Club (Bracewell)

Skeptics and True Believers (Raymo)

A Guide to the End of the World (McGuire)

Hyperspace (Kaku)


The Age of Spiritual Machines (Kurzweil)

Mind Children (Moravec)

Engines of Creation (Drexler)

Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition (Regis)

Escape Velocity (Dery)

Imagined Worlds (Dyson)

Bots (Leanard)

Becoming Immortal (Du Charme)

Future Shock (Toffler)

Design for Dying (Leary, Sirius)

Visions (Kaku)

The Hot Zone (Preston)

The High Frontier (O’Neill)

Dancing Naked in the Mind Field (Mullis)

Brave New World Revisited (Huxley)

The Millennial Project (Savage)

The Hacker Crackdown (Sterling)

Robot (Moravec)

Tomorrow Now (Sterling)

Our Posthuman Future (Fukuyama)

Edison’s Eve (Wood)

Breaking the Time Barrier (Randles)

Unconventional archaeology:

The Monuments of Mars (Hoagland)

The McDaniel Report (McDaniel)

The Martian Enigmas (Carlotto)

The Case for the Face (McDaniel, Paxson, eds.)

Genesis Revisited (Sitchin)

The Twelfth Planet (Sitchin)

Guardians of the Universe? (Story)

The Stairway to Heaven (Sitchin)

The Message of the Sphinx (Hancock, Bauval)

The Monkey and the Tetrahedron (Jinks)

Martian Genesis (Brennan)

Architects of the Underworld (Rux)

The Mars Mystery (Hancock)

Dead Mars, Dying Earth (Brandenburg, Paxson)

The Wars of Gods and Men (Sitchin)

The Atlantis Enigma (Brennan)

The Secret History of Ancient Egypt (Brennan)

Human Devolution (Cremo)

Watermark (Christy-Vitale)


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